SBTB: The Tori Episodes 



RADD: Recappers Against Drunk Dummies
Well, I think it's safe to say that we all learned a Very Important Lesson from this episode: If you're going to lie, at least do it well. Oh, and also, don't leave your drunk friends stranded at a party when you're the only one who's sober and competent enough to drive everyone home. Tori.

When Jessie's away, the pigs will play
The school inherits $10,000, which sends the boys and girls into a war over who will get the money for their respective sports teams (despite the fact that, as far as we know, Bayside has a grand total of two sports teams). But the SBTB producers love any storyline that lets them a) dress everyone up in red and blue sweatsuits, b) set up Zack to get caught cheating and c) wrap the whole thing up with a dance.

Teen Line: Not as dirty as it sounds (Rap Room: Exactly as stupid as it sounds)
Zack continues his charitable work with the Zack Morris Foundation for Helping Pretty Girls when Tori starts a teen line and "rap room." Basically, the whole thing is just an excuse to have yet another dance (and for Zack to learn another one of those Very Important Lessons, of course).

Jessica Myrtle Spano: Gone, but somehow still annoying us
Tori waltzes into Bayside with her pushed-up motorcycle-jacket sleeves to pick up where Jessie left off, blurring the fine lines between "man" and "woman" and making fun of Zack's choice of girlfriends (namely Ginger). Whatever, Tori. Let's see you try and land a stud like Pete Sampras!

Come and go with me (to the SBTB Bermuda triangle)
Slater's sister (all together now: Whaaaaa?) visits from the SBTB Bermuda triangle and drives another wrench in the ever-fading homosexual love affair between Slater and Zack. Belding solves the whole thing by wearing a dead bear on his head.

"Oh give me a school, with a big swimming pool, and LI-brary crammed full of books"
Zack wants to be remembered as more than just a troublemaker, so he sabotages all the other contestants in the school-song competition. Call me crazy, but wouldn't that be the definition of "making trouble"?

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